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Toden teaches you to buy a leveling slicer

Released Date: Dec 05,2019 Article Source: Toden Machinery
Toden leveling slicer machine integrateslaminating, leveling and slicing, and can cut various PVC, PET, PP, APET, PS, OPP and other plastic coils.

1Toden leveling slicer machine integrates laminating, leveling and slicing, and can cut various PVC, PET, PP, APET, PS, OPP and other plastic coils.

2 The slice uses German Siemens high-performance motor, mechanical slice, fast speed, smooth and no vibration. Cut 50-70 sheets per minute.

3 Japanese Panasonic servo motor is used for film feeding, PLC control, human-machine interface, accurate slice size and high precision. Touch screen operation, multiple error-proof alarm functions.

4 Fully automatic pre-heating, fast temperature rise, automatically release the pre-heating start function when the temperature is reached, and slice in 7-8 minutes.

Toden teaches you to buy a leveling slicer

5 The leveling film slicing machine is directly heated by the inside of the drum, no external oil pump is required to pump oil, and it can ensure that the thermal oil is not changed for more than five years. 4 rollers can be set and controlled with different temperature values. Automatically adjust the temperature of 4 rollers, constant temperature and stability.

6 The oil temperature roller runs synchronously with the coating roller to ensure that the film will not rub.

7 The machine comes with a fully automatic induction shutdown function. The film can be automatically stopped when the film is completed or there is a joint in the middle. The blowing section is equipped with a film blowing function to avoid film rubbing.

8 Double loading racks are quick and easy to change materials, the pneumoperitoneum loading racks are fast and convenient to load, and the standard loading racks are suitable for multiple materials.

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