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Automatic Cylinder Making Machine

Automatic Cylinder Making Machine

Automatic Cylinder Making Machine

Automatic Cylinder Making Machine

Machine model:A-200 A-300

1. Two model difference ,200 means gluing system ,300 means ultrasonic welding system

2. Suitable PVC cylinder diameter:40-190 mm .thickness: 0.18-0.4 mm 

3.Automatic machine loading with roll material. Clear or printed roll both suitable on that machine .

4.PLC setting the cutting speed, and cutting length. No limited on the length making.

5.Big capacity with low cost ,easy operate

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Machine Features
Automatic Cylinder Forming Machine

Machine working vedio

1.: Suitable for PVC, APET, roll forming cylinder, PLC control system, simple operation and fast speed.

2.: With intelligent man-machine interface operating system, servo motor drive, electronic counting function, the molding is fast and accurate.

Machine parameter

Machine Model A-200 A-300
Voltage 220V Single Phase 50HZ 220V Single Phase 50HZ
Output Power 2.5KW 2.5KW
Cylinder diameter 25- -200 mm 50-190 mm
Cylinder length 15- 3000 mm 15-3000 mm
Material thickness 0.18-0.4 mm 0.18-0.4 mm
Machine speed 3000-5000 pieces/hour, 100 mm as sample 3000-4000pieces/hour, 100 mm as sample
Function Gluing Welding
Machine size 4540*680*1440 mm 4540*680* 1440 mm

Machine Working Process: roll material loading ,it need suitable width of PVC PET material.thicknes from 0.2-0.5 mm .diameter from 40-190 mm .length of Cylinder no is just need input numbers in PLC.



2. Than make it through the holder ,Ensuring the material in the middle of the holder ,and fixed it. just assist function.


3.Multi function mold,when you doing one 100 PVC cylinders ,than just about size make it pre-froming as round shape. and the red cloth will protect the film from scratch.


4.the most important is the gluing system or say welding system here .we see in the  picture ,it is gluing system ,sticking by brush ,and control the flow by valve ,glue container is inside the machine.


5.Gluing all the time ,but it is brush ,so it will not drop out.


6. After gluing ,there is a small heating device ,once PVC Cylinder gluing area brush glue ,than a little heating will make the glue dry faster.


7. there is one PVC cylinder inside tube ,cylinder tube automatic cutting into setted length. there is also one sensor here ,To catching some printed roll material.


Machine mainly Parts:

Mould ,4 pcs is totally 1 set



Gluing system APET glue on cylinder tube


Gluing system on PVC cylinder tube


Ultrasonic welding system --cylinder welding sample


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