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PVC Roll to sheet cutting Machine

PVC Roll to sheet cutting Machine

PVC Roll to sheet cutting Machine

PVC Roll to sheet cutting Machine

PVC Roll to sheet cutting Machine

1.Machine model A-1004

2.Ensure machine can working stable,machine case use the steel material

3.PLC mirco-computer controls the machine,Digital parameter setting,automatic output.

4.Easy operate with high efficiency by import servo system and magnetic braking system.

5.Function: Putting PE protection film ,cutting into 2-3 pieces ,static dealing,corona treatment, flatten ,cutting in to sheet.

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PVC rigid film Automatic Flatten and Cutting Machine 

Machine Picture view:


Machine working vedio:

1. Machine suitable for PVC PET ,APET ,PETG rigid film.

2. Machine has flatten and cutting function.

3. Max width :1200 mm. 4 oil cylinder heating for flatten

4. mainly customer is the material supplier.

Machine parameter

Machine Model A-1004
Voltage 380V .3 Phases  5 line ,60HZ
Output Power 10KW
Max raw roll material diameter 500 mm
Max width of roll material less than 900 mm
Material thickness 0.18-0.8 mm
Precision ≤  ±0.25 mm
Heating Cylinder 4 cylinders 
Air compressor needed 0.6 MPA, 350l/mi
Machine speed 30 m/minute
Machine size 6200*1540*1300 mm(L*W*H)

 Machine working Process:

1. one roll material loading ,Paper core ID is about 74 mm ,max width of material will be 950 mm.Manual loading the roll material ,max weight of material: 100KG.  if loading one roll material ,one roll diameter is 500 mm ,if two roll material loading ,than diameteris  250 mm for one.


2. Four heating tube with oil for flatten function , heating tube inside the cylinder ,tube is use for heating temperature ,and oil for keep temperature,cylinder width is 1000 mm ,the effective width is 950 mm ,Taking care of the cylinder during transmition or using .no knife scrach on it ,that will influence the material flatten.any scrach will effected on the PVC film surface.keep the cylinder surface clean all the time.


3. Lamination ,means Putting Protection film(PE) upon the PVC sheet ,two side lamination for customed .standard machine only for one side lamination.some customer has a high requirement on the PVC product, so they need has protection film on the outside.



4.Machine with PLC ,all parameter setting on PLC ,like temperature setting and display, and cutting speed ,cutting length of PVC sheet .width of sheet can not change ,width is the your roll material width, we have english version and Chinese Version.


5.Finished sheet output ,with two side lamination.




Machine working vedio:

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